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Gal Gadot Former Miss Israel | Fast & Furious 4

The actress behind the character Giselle Harabo in the movie Fast Five,

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fast five gal gadot. Day: Fast Five#39;s Gal Gadot

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Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel and her name has become a brand name in her homeland. In 2004, at the young age of 18, she was chosen to be "Miss Israel" and represented her country at the Miss Universe pageant in Ecuador. It did not take long after the pageant for Israeli and European agencies and companies to take notice of her. After doing local campaigns for companies such as Elite, Super Pharm and Strauss, she started working abroad doing campaigns for such brands as Perry Ellis, La Perla Lingerie, Arena, Danza, Esprit, etc. In 2008, she was chosen to be the face and lead model of Castro, Israeli's largest clothing company which turned into an international clothing company. She was also featured on the cover of many magazines and did numerous fashion editorials.
Though most Israeli's begin their army service at the age of 18, Gal began her service at the age of 20 and kept on working as a model throughout her two-year service. Soon after her release from the army, the United States gained interest in the young Israeli model. The prestigious American magazine "Maxim" asked Gal to be their feature model on their cover and she was invited to be a special guest at the New York launch party. The sexy photo caused great controversy in both Israel and the United States and its popularity brought Gal to the front page of the New York Post.
Gal's interest and talent expanded beyond modeling and she began working with the best acting coach in Israel. As soon as she made her decision to get into acting, Darset Productions hired her after being blown away by her talent and charm. Her first role was the lead role in a new television drama series. As Mary Kay on "Bubot", Gal proved she was more than just a pretty face. In 2008, her acting ability brought her to Los Angeles and landed her one of the lead female roles in the fourth segment of the Fast and the Furious films with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.
Putting beauty and talent aside, Gal is also known for her warm and charming personality and professionalism.

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